Sometimes, general content for your blog or newsletter can be tough. You may have other things on your mind besides writing, or you could have writer’s block. Regardless, you understand the importance of writing an article for your readers.

If you’re ever feeling stuck, here’s a couple of tools to help generate some ideas. When you’re done playing with those, we’ve got 10 ideas that can help you get started immediately!


This one is a favorite of ours, because while it’s silly, it gets us thinking. And when you’ve got Writer’s Block, any bit of help is helpful. For example, typing in “orange” gave us 10 Facts About Oranges That Will Impress Your Friends. Or better yet The Best Ways to Utilize Oranges. If you’re planning on starting a blog about oranges, you’ve got two ideas to get you started!

This tool is also great for generating topics for your blog or newsletter. Unlike the portent tool, Tweak Your Biz gives you myriad choices, from questions to lists to the kitchen sink. You start by telling the generator whether your word is a noun or verb, and then how your results should appear (lowercase vs all upper). Start looking at the results and start generating blogs or newsletters!

Unlike the other three, with Hubspot, you can enter multiple nouns, but the generator won’t yield as many results as the others. However, it will give you a weeks worth of blog topics (or more depending on your frequency).

Still stuck in a rut? Here’s a list of 10 quick ideas to get you started!

1. Top 5/10/20 List

Buzzfeed wasn’t the first to create lists, but they definitely capitalized on them. Take a page out of their book and create top lists for your blog or newsletter, whether it be top 10 uses for your product or the top 5 reasons to switch to your service.

2. How to List

Do you get a lot of the same questions from your client or consumer? Why not give them a how-to list. Or create a how-to guide on getting creative with your product.

3. Infographic

You can take any of the above and make them visual. Your readers will thank you for giving them something visual, breaking up the usual text blocks. Not a designer? There’s great free tools out there that can help you with that. Piktochart is one that comes to mind.

4. Behind the Scenes Photos + Stories

Give your readers a behind-the-scenes of your operation. Who is who in your company? What does that piece of equipment do? How does it work? Share stories about how certain elements came to. It’ll make your  brand more human and your readers will appreciate it.

5. Curate Your Best Content

Do you produce a lot of content as it is? Chances are, some of your readers missed it. Curate a top 10 blog list from the last week or month for your reader. You can easily do this by analyzing your traffic and pulling what was most popular with your other readers.

6. Find a Holiday

Latch on to an upcoming holiday. A simple search of upcoming holidays will give you obscure and national holidays that you can base your content on. Nothing like writing about National Sunscreen Day (May 27th in case you’re curious).

7. Pop Culture Reference

Got a favorite show or movie? Why not write about what viewers can learn from your favorite character. For example, 10 Things we can learn from Game of Thrones.

8. Company or Employee History

Not all your readers may be familiar with your company history, so why not educate them on it? Give them background on what your company is or has been doing for the last few years. Highlight an employee and their story who has been with you since the beginning.

9. Customer Reviews & Feedback

Got a raging review from a reader? Great feedback on a product or service? Share it with your readers!

10. Upcoming Events

If you have a trade show you’ll be at or an event you’ll be attending, why not let your readers know? It’ll be a great way for them to gain insight into what you’re doing and to potentially connect with some of them face to face if they’ll be nearby.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! If you’re concerned with the content, run it by someone who you trust and get feedback! Sometimes, you might have to just go for it! You’ll get feedback one way or another!