Boxing gloves En serio?

We all face competition.  There is always someone who can do it cheaper, or faster, or better (at least in the mind of your prospect).  Because of this, prospects – and even customers – are constantly on the search for a better deal.  Knowing how to handle the competition objection effectively can mean the difference between winning the sale or suffering that sinking feeling of having lost the business to someone else.

There are several times you can handle the competition objection, but surprisingly most sales reps wait until it comes up at the end of their closing presentation.  This is the worse time to handle it because you have already given your pricing and options and sometimes even your best deal.  While you may have to handle the objection of competition during the close – and I’ll give you some scripting to do just that later in this article – the best time to handle it is in the beginning, while qualifying.  Here are some ways you can do that…

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