apple terms of condition

It is a time-honored truth (or at least an oft-cited anecdote) that no one reads the iTunes Terms and Conditions. It’s long and presumably boring (but who knows? I’ve never read it) and I’m not even sure there are paragraph breaks. There already exist a few projects that try to reshape various user agreements into digestible formats, but now one man has embarked on a mission to make reading the iTunes ToS a more literary endeavor.

The cartoonist R. Sikoryak has created a Tumblr for the sole purpose of turning iTunes’ Terms and Conditions into a graphic novel. All of the novel’s dialogue comes from the agreement, but other than that, there seem to be no boundaries to where the story can go. As GQ points out, the protagonist is, unsurprisingly, a turtleneck-clad Steve Jobs who seems to be both a superhero and a villain.

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