Protecting the creative process. Building organizational structures. Telling good stories. As president of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation, Ed Catmull has been part of some of the most talked-about movies ever (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, etc.). In Creativity, Inc., Catmull gives the inside track on how to inspire creative individuals and their managers – the ultimate playbook, if you will, for anyone who wants to work in an environment that fosters creativity and problem solving. Catmull, who founded Pixar in 1986, takes you through the company’s evolution from an unprofitable hardware company to a creative powerhouse. Along the way, he addresses the challenge of building an effective and enduring creative culture. In a marketing landscape ripe with competition and constant change, Creativity, Inc. is the kind of story that can keep you moving in the right direction.

“Being fearless is the only answer right now, because if you play it right up the middle you really don’t accomplish much. If your message is not good enough to tell somebody, then it’s not good enough for you.” – Dana Anderson, senior VP and CMO of Mondelez International, on why brands must not be afraid to take risks in their marketing messages.

54% The percent of marketing firms that plan to hire employees with digital/social skill sets, according to Mondo’s “The Future of Digital Marketing” report. Other skill sets include content creation (44 percent), big data/analytics (33 percent) and mobile strategy (30 percent), the survey found.


By Ed Catmull