A mid-size business owner can learn a lot from a rancher. A rancher brands cattle to keep track of his assets. He makes sure his brand looks unique, so as not to be confused with his competitors.

Consumers who care about eating grass-fed beef will even seek to buy the brand of beef they know grazed well, because it’s not just about the brand that appears on the steer’s ass, it’s about everything that goes into it.

Your brand is the experience you give your customers…

If you’re a mid-sized business owner, the same can be said of your brand. Whether you’re Nike or Shutterfly, your brand represents everything you do and believe in. It represents all the time you invest in your business, including those long, sleepless nights. Your brand is what draws consumers to you and only you. It’s not just the slant of the font or the color of your logo. Your brand is the experience you give your customers when they call you on the phone, visit your website, walk in your door, or use your products. You put a lot into making your business the best it can be. So how’s your brand working for you?

I’ll tell you what I see. I see a lot of mid-sized American companies that are doing well enough but could do a great deal better given some good, 21st century help marketing their brand. You see, they may not be large enough to hire a full time brand manager, whose sole job it is to oversee and direct how consumers interact with their brand. But they are large enough that their customers expect a uniform brand experience. For example, if you have 12 restaurants called Joe’s BBQ Grill, your customers should be greeted with the same signage, the same ambiance, the same smiles and the same great food regardless of which location they choose. As CEO, it’s your number one job to make sure they do.

So who is helping you deliver that consistently great brand experience? You’ve got your recruiters, managers, HR people, trainers, sales people, marketing people, customer service people, your bean counters, heck, you’ve got everyone you can think of helping you. But how much do you want to bet there’s one key resource missing: Your printer.

That’s right, your printing services provider could be and should be your number one ally in promoting your brand and here’s why.

Your printer is no longer just that ink-stained guy that smells like chemicals. Nor is your printer that nice looking young person who takes you to lunch once a year and thanks you for your brochure or menu business. The right printing services provider today is so much more.

The right printing services provider will partner with you to deliver your brand experience, consistently and successfully. They will assume the place of a brand manager if you’re not lucky enough to have one – or hold your brand manager’s capable hand – and help your company streamline its marketing processes with end to end solutions, customized to your brand. Your printer, if he’s doing his job, will save you time and money all while bringing you customers and making you look great so you can sleep better at night.

Much like the rancher, your printer can help you manage your assets and protect your brand.

Working in partnership, business owners and printers really can fire up a brand.

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