GIFs. What was once a simple file format for sharing 5-10 second snippets of animation or video content has grown into a massively utilized means of sharing all kinds of content, from funny memes to short clips of news events and beyond. Of course, GIFs are merely a digital medium of communication, right?

Technically speaking, yes. However, the GIF-centered giant Giphy has found a way to represent their core identity through means of print. Imagine a flip book but with only one page. How in the heck does that possibly work?

It’s known as a lenticular hologram, and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s an extremely neat way of placing a printed animation in the palm of your hand. Do you know those holographic images that seem to move when you vary your perspective from it; the ones that animate when you swing your head from left to right or twist and turn it in different ways? This is how Giphy and their design partner Dark Igloo have decided to introduce the ever-popular GIF file into a tangible object.

These “animations in your hand” come in the form of business cards, posters, phone covers and apparently all kinds of different types of Giphy branded gear. Imagine someone looking at you talk on the phone and having their mind blown as they walk by because the logo on your case just winked at them. Simply put, it’s an interesting way of using print to market your business and adding a little of that “coolness factor” to your brand. It’s also a creative means of combining digital content with a print medium.

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