PC sales are on the decline. Meanwhile, according to an IDC/ Facebook report, nearly half of the entire U.S. population (49.4%) owns a smartphone and that figure is expected to reach 57.3% by the end of 2013.

The same IDC/Facebook research found that email is the most commonly used smartphone application. Despite the popularity of mobile email, many marketers have yet to adapt to this consumer behavior. Some consumers still say that mobile emails are hard to read because of excessive scrolling and content or bad layouts. Email marketers can address these issues by using scalable and responsive design techniques.

  • 36% and rising for emails opened on a mobile device.
  • 76% of companies only have a basic mobile strategy (or do not have one at all!)

This puts consumers in a tail spin:

  • 44% of consumers say mobile emails are difficult to read because of excessive scrolling
  • 29% point to wrong layouts for mobile screens
  • 27% point to excessive content

Two design strategies help emails address these issues:

-Scalable: An email layout is still 100% readable and 100% fingertip clickable when reduced to half its size on a mobile devices

-Responsiveness: An email that adapts to the proportions of the device it is rendered on by using a secondary code.


By Melissa Goss