George 101

George Duffield is the Social Media Manager for It’s All Greek to Me (IAGTM) in Tempe, AZ. After marketing on Facebook and Phoenix New Times, the local restaurant celebrated their grand opening at Tempe Marketplace on February 7 with over 450 free gyros served and 3 hours of live authentic Greek music.

George has been tasked with building all the restaurant’s social media accounts and branding from ground up.

Here’s our interview about what it’s like to design a marketing strategy for a new restaurant and the goals he had for the grand opening:

What’s your marketing/social media background?
I started off in marketing/social media by researching internet marketing as much as possible. I took programs and read marketing books. In September 2016, I founded my own marketing company called Client Generators. Shortly after, I began marketing for an insurance company.

How did you get involved with marketing for IAGTM?
I got involved with IAGTM after a month of building a relationship with the company.

Describe the IAGTM brand in three words
Authentic, modern, healthy

What goals did you have for the grand opening? What were the results?
Our main goals were generating an email list and building up social media platforms through the grand opening. We ended up gathering 250+ emails and increasing page likes by 150+ that night.

IAGTM marketing has included promotion on different Facebook pages, a write-up in the Phoenix New Times, Instagram contests for free food, etc. What has been your favorite marketing strategy?
My favorite strategy has been using the email capture system we currently have in place. It’s really helped us with our main goals.

What do you think are the 3 main challenges of building a social media presence from scratch? How do you plan on conquering them?

  1. Getting the word out because it’s a new restaurant
  2. Building the Facebook page
  3. Optimizing the website for success

I plan on getting through these challenges by increasing marketing efforts on catering, building brand awareness through consistent content creation, and coming up with a marketing plan for how we will execute our ideas.

What marketing/social media resources do you love?
My favorite marketing course is the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Program. I also love reading new books, as you could have guessed by my earlier answer.

Which corporation do you think does a great job with marketing/social media branding?
Doritos has a great marketing team. Their efforts always catch my attention!

What are you looking forward to most about marketing IAGTM after the grand opening buzz?
I look forward to growing IAGTM into a statewide known brand.

Thanks for joining us for 9 questions, George! 

Follow It’s All Greek to Me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out the restaurant’s website here.

You can keep up with George’s marketing escapades on his LinkedIn and Client Generators’ Facebook page or website.