In this world of short attention spans, people often become uninterested in videos and articles that take up unnecessary time. Whenever people go on social media, it’s not about paying attention to every single post—it’s about scrolling through the feed until something seems interesting enough to read. However, Snapchat puts a limit on how a long a post will last. This limit captures people’s attention as it leaves them dying from laughter or scratching their heads in confusion. A snap isn’t just a form of communication and letting people have an idea on what is going on; it has the ability to form a personal connection with someone as snaps cannot be shared or forwarded to anyone else. Whether the snap is for that special someone, best friend, or stranger, it makes one feel significant to receive the snap.

Inventive Approaches in Using Snapchat for Marketing

With just a snap, companies can connect with consumers on a whole new level. It’s a branding platform that interacts with the audience in an intimate and edifying way.

1. Time Limit

The time limit component on Snapchat should not be seen as an obstacle. Instead, companies should use it to their advantage as users won’t become disenchanted from an advertisement being seemingly too long. This forces the companies to come up with innovative and creative ideas to incorporate their branding into a short time frame without leaving room for unnecessary additions. The message will come across concisely, which allows the viewers to quickly grasp the gist of the advertisement. As a result, companies should be working with the time limit rather than against it.

2. Sponsored Advertisements

As a sponsored advertisement, companies can generate a great deal of views. Although views may seem to say a great deal on Facebook and YouTube, it is unknown whether or not the viewer is engaged with the cause. Facebook’s auto-play counts a view as a person is three seconds into the video. YouTube’s views could be due to ads, so people are likely to not be connected with the message as the videos can tend to get long. However, Snapchat is catered in a way that doesn’t deem the amount of views important. It considers how many impressions to be imperative as people must be willing go into the “Discover” section and click through the snaps. Once someone sees something of interest, then they are likely to continue actively checking the company out.

3. Geotags

With geotags, users will know about the release of new movies, ongoing public issues, and give opportunities for people to release their creativity. Geotags don’t give the vibe of “advertisement” that tends to turn off numerous viewers. Instead, they can be cutesy, scary, or simple. They’re often used for amusement while informing people about the cause. As Snapchat users use geotags, they’re actively interacting with the company.

4. Unknown Territory

It is difficult to gauge the success of a campaign as Snapchat doesn’t give detailed metrics on viewership. The main selling point is its audience as the users are the ones who interact with the company and spread the branding. As snapchat is a new branding platform, companies are still trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of the app. Unlike most marketing schemes, Snapchat is a platform that most companies are wary about using. However, if used properly, it would become a pragmatic marketing tool in the future.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is breaking into the social media as it is an innovative way for companies to advertise to consumers. Once companies are familiar with the gears in Snapchat, advertisement will take on a groundbreaking form.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn. It was re-published with permission from the author.