Twitter released an update today that will help visual content posters fit more text and emoji characters in their tweets. The inclusion of a photo or video in your posts will no longer take a bite out of your 140 character limit, meaning more real estate for your captions and messages.

They are also testing out the removal of the ‘@’ mention from reply posts to further clean up the message space when composing your tweets. This is not to be confused with the actual dismissal of ‘@’ mentioning altogether, but merely the aesthetic of a blue-linked name when typing out your posts in reply to other users. This update appears to be rolling out at a gradual rate.

This should be particularly useful for social media marketers who have to get extra creative with their posts when pairing them with visual content. The extra room will allow for a couple more hashtags or just more general detail to help get a message across.

Spredfast’s CEO Rod Favaron says that “with long-form content on the rise, businesses who can take advantage of Twitter’s new offering stand poised to create deep, meaningful communities.”

Have a look at the source article here on Adweek’s website.